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ncr forms
We can either design your own form specific to your business, or overprint one of the generic forms that are available. This can work out less expensive, so if a standard form meets your requirements, why not save money? These can be ordered by clicking on the links towards the bottom of this page. Custom designed forms can be a wide variety of sizes and types. There are an infinite number of options. Prices for NCR forms printed and glued into loose sets or pads are: 2 Part NCR
NCR Forms Despite the computer age with phones, tablets, chromebooks and laptops providing on the go computing power everywhere, sometimes the best way to capture and distribute information is via an NCR form which you can fill in with a pen then give everyone who needs one a copy. NCR stands for No Carbon Required. By treating the back of pages with a special coating, what is written on the front sheet is transferred to subsequent sheets. The standard pattern is for the top sheet to be white, the second sheet yellow, the third pink, the fourth blue and then into other colors. Two and three part forms are the most popular, but we print up to six parts on occasion. We print forms either glued into sets or into pads. If the latter, you can choose whether a cover is required which can be used to wrap around and inserted into the pad to stop the pen impression going into subsequent sets. Forms can be numbered or not and perforated or not (for example if you want the white copy to stay in the pad, then a wrap around cover perforation and stapling is required).
Collection from our premises or delivery in the Colebrook area is free. Shipping is otherwise by UPS or USPS at extra cost. The next step is to contact us either by phone, email, or by completing the form below so that we can start working on your form design.
3 Part NCR
For different quantities; more parts in a set; sequential numbering; wrap-around covers; perforating; or hole drilling, please ask for a detailed quotation (at no obligation of course).