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Designs Unique to Your Business

Liebl Printing Company will create a design specially for your printing job - and then print it for a set cost. No hidden extras, no generic designs to choose from. We want to make your business looks amazing! Custom designs for your business only Set pricing either includes design and printing, or the design work is specified seperately as a one time charge Money back guarantee If you have an existing design that you wish us to work with, we can optimise the design for printing to ensure the finished work does not disappoint. Please look through our FAQ page for more details. We invite you took through samples of our work, our comprehensive product and price list, then contact us to discuss how we can work with you to exceed your expectations.
Who we Are David and Wendy West bought Liebl printing from it’s founder, Barry Liebl, in 2006 and relocated from England to Colebrook, NH  on January 1st 2007. After managing a printing company in England, David had set up his own business, but was looking to purchase an existing company to expand the customer base. After a fruitless search, Wendy suggested “just put Printing business for sale England” into Google. One of the results was a business in New England which led us to visit the Colebrook area in January 2006. We immediately fell in love with the area and the people, so 12 months later with fresh E-2 visas in hand we moved across the Pond with our then 5 year old daughter. Life in Colebrook is never boring. The seasons are dramatic, the wildlife plentiful and the economy challenging. What more could anyone want?