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Questions we are asked from time to time:

Q. Is design included? A. Yes, this we believe sets us apart from other printers. We will provide up to several hours of design work for each job without additional charge. We hope that you will have the job reprinted in the future which will help us cover the cost of the initial work, but regardless, for most design work we do not make a charge. The main exception to this is if a customer asks for many more design changes than normal - we once had a customer who went through 17 different designs - before deciding on the one we showed them initially. We will tell you well in advance if this is likely to be an issue. We also make a small $12 plate charge for reprints where minor changes are requested. Designing a logo is a seperate matter and is charged individually, since the amount of work involved varies enormously depending on the customer requirements. Q. Can you print from the file I’ve designed? A. Yes.... but...  printing is a complex process and very often designers are not aware of the drastic differences between designing for print and designing for the internet. For this reason, files we are given to print that have been designed by someone else may not print well, or may not print at all.  We therefore often spend longer working on a file that has been sent to us (to make it suitable to print) than one that we have designed from scratch ourselves. Q. What type of files do you accept for printing? A. We will try and work with whatever you are able to send us. Ideally we would like a pdf file to the correct dimensions of the finished piece; with a 1/8” bleed, CMYK color space or spot color as appropriate; crop marks; type converted to outlines; and raster images at least 300 dpi. Hands up those people who didn’t get all of that! Q. Will you accept a Microsoft Word file? A. Many printers refuse to accept Word files as they are so difficult to print from. Often when opened the layout changes because of different settings on our computer compared to the one where the design was created, destroying hours of careful formatting. If you want us to print from your Word file we will send you a pdf proof so that you can make sure that what we are seeing matches what you intended. Please, please do not use Wordart! Q. How does your money back guarantee work? A. We stand behind all our work, if on very rare occasions something might go wrong in the process we will at your option either refund any money you’ve paid; offer a discount; or reprint the work in a rush. All we ask is that you return the incorrect items to us, at our cost naturally. This guarantee does not cover proofed errors. If you have approved a proof we sent you or told us to go ahead without a proof, we are not responsible for errors that you might have missed. Sorry. Also please be aware that when printing in full color ,to ensure we can offer a competitive price, we print several different jobs on the same run, averaging the color settings on the press to optimise the work. For this reason, small color variations from one print run to the next may occur. If color accuracy is vital please speak to us at the design stage so that we can advise on the options available. Q. There were some blank sheets in my order, have I paid for them? A. Don’t worry, you haven’t. If the press picks up two sheets at once and the sensors don’t detect it, the paper travels through the press as one sheet. You will have the correct number of printed sheets, plus some free blank ones. This doesn’t happen often, but can be a result of very dry weather causing excess static electricity. Q. I was charged for more pieces than I ordered - why is this? A. For most work we charge for the quantity you order and include a few extras free of charge. However, like most printers, when the job involves a lot of different processes we reserve the right to charge for the number of finished pieces delivered, +/- 10%. In these situations we have to print plenty of extras to make sure we don’t lose too many when folding, glueing, numbering, perforating or cutting the finished work. If this is a concern to you, perhaps because you have a strict budget to stick to, let us know and we will quote accordingly. There are more complete descriptions of these areas of our work on our Terms of Service page.