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designing a business card with canva
Designing a Business Card Using Canva Canva is a website dedicated to helping people create beautiful designs, whether for printing or for the internet. It makes it easier to design your own business card from scratch without the use of expensive programs. Best of all, it doesn’t need to cost anything! Here is how you can do it. First of all go to the Canva website at www.canva.com and create a free account, login and let’s go. Getting Started There are three tabs along the top of the screen, Your Designs; Stream; and Design School. Your Designs is where we will be creating a design; Stream is a changing display of items people have designed using Canva; and Design School is a huge resource of information about design, giving practical advice on how to design better. Do check this out, there are loads of ideas to inspire you. For now, click on Your Designs. There is a Business Card somewhere in the product list, but it is the wrong size since it is based on European dimensions, not American.  So instead click on “Use custom dimensions” which is in white on the right of the screen level with the “Create a design” text. This brings up a couple of boxes for width and height and a drop down list of measurements. If this last one says px or mm click the drop down arrow and change it to inches. The type 3.5 in the width box and 2 in the height box and click the green Design button. (This assumes you want a horizontal business card, if you’d prefer a vertical orientation, just swap the measurements to 3.5 height and 2 width. Setting the Background Now the fun  begins. There are 5 icons on the left side of the screen: Search; Layouts; Text; Background; and Uploads. Let’s start with Background. You can choose a plain color from either the 9 color circles at the top of the pane on the left, or click the + to bring up a color wheel and select any color you like. Want something more complicated? Below the circles are a host of patterns and photos that can be used as a background and a search box to narrow the selection. There are a few free designs are at the top, then ones that you have to pay for are below. Even the ones you pay for are only a dollar, though this is per download, you don’t get to keep them to use in something else, even another business card on another day. Want something unique, then why not upload your own photo to use as a background. Click on the uploads icon on the left and click the green “upload your own images” button to select from your computer. Add a Logo or Business Name Okay, with the background sorted out, we need either a logo or a business name, depending on how your business presents itself. For a logo, if you have one, upload it from your computer using the upload section. If not, create your own directly on the card. Click on the search icon on the left and at the top of the pane are 9 colored squares. Using a combination of icons, lines, shapes and illustrations, you can create a simple image that reflects your business. Each element can be changed to a different size, rotated and the color altered to create what you would like to see. Of course not all businesses use a logo, they just use text in a particular font. If it’s good enough for Google, it might be good enough for your business? Click on the text icon on the left and you can drag one of the three text sizes onto your card. It doesn’t matter which one as you can change the font and the size to get what you want. Plus there are some supplied text styles with frames, shapes and lines to help. Add Details Add more text for name, address, phone, email, website, etc. and you are ready to go. If you need more space, add a new page using the box below your design and create the back of your business card. Finishing Up When you’ve finished, you can give your design a name (top right of the window – it’s probably called untitled 1); save it (top left of the window, though the program auto saves as you go along); and then download it. Now to download a file that we can print for you, click the download button (top right) and select options (most important). Click the checkbox for “publish with crop marks & bleed” and then click the “pdf for print” green button. The file will download to your computer. Open it and check that it is how you wanted it to look. In particular check that any images that go to the edge of the design, actually go slightly beyond the edge as shown by the black crop marks in each corner. There’s lots of other options that you can discover, but this should get you started. Send us the pdf file and you’ve saved money by creating your own design.
… and here’s the finished card showing crop marks and bleed ready to print.