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Banners printed in full color on 13 ounce vinyl with hems on all four sides and grommets at the corners and every two feet can be designed and printed for the following prices.
Banners Vinyl Banners are a relatively inexpensive way to advertise a new product, an event, or act as a temporary sign whilst a more permanent one is being made. They last well, but if left out for several years will eventually start to fade. There are lots of possible options, so these prices illustrate the most common options, where a single banner is required with both hems and grommets on a standard heavy duty 13 ounce vinyl. Another option might be pockets on each end for a pole to be inserted. Remember to allow for the pocket size when ordering. A couple of things to note. Firstly, the hems are taken off the printed size of the banner, so the actual size will be a couple of inches smaller all round if hemmed. Secondly it is possible to have a double sided banner printed, usually on heavier vinyl, but the hems can mess up the image unless it’s one solid color all around the edge. Usually it’s about the same price to have two banners made and placed back to back. We have also been asked about wind slits, which some banner makers include. From what we have seen, a large banenr will act like a sail and will needfirmly tieing down. A few small slits won’t let very much wind through and in our view seriously weaken the vinyl making it more likely to rip.
These prices are for one signle sided banner. For different quantities, thicknesses, or other variations, please ask for a quote. Collection from our premises or delivery in the Colebrook area is free. Shipping is otherwise by UPS or USPS at extra cost. The next step is to contact us either by phone, email, or by completing the form below so that we can start working on your banner design.
Size Price 6' x 2' $83.40 6' x 3' $103.20 6' x 4' $121.90 8' x 3' $121.90 8' x 4' $142.00 10' x 3' $136.00 11' x 3' $145.00 11' x 4' $178.60 11' x 5' $163.60 15' x 3' $181.80
Size Price 15' x 4' $174.20  15' x 5' $206.20  16' x 3' $190.90  16' x 5' $216.90  18' x 3' $161.40  18' x 4' $199.80  20' x 4' $216.90  22' x 4' $234.00  25' x 6' $339.90  30' x 6' $402.40